Geotextile Solutions

Geotextile Solutions

Erosion Control Systems

Erosion Control Systems are constructed by filling high-strength fabric forms with fine aggregate concrete (structural grout). As a result, they can provide superior performance to rip rap, cast-in-place concrete, or precast concrete erosion control systems while providing significant reductions in construction costs.

BEHSAD fabric forms are installed as a continuous concrete forming system. They are filled by pumping fine aggregate concrete into the forms and can be installed either underwater or in-the-dry. Our forms create a highly durable concrete erosion protection system that outperforms traditional cast-in-place concrete slab systems yet costs less to install than rip rap, cast-in-place, or precast systems.

Geotextile Solutions
Shoreline Protection with Erosion Control Systems

Subsea Textile Supports

Textile for molding of concrete, textile with suitable flexibility and high tensile strength can be applied for making complicated structures and different architecture designs. This kind of textile permits draining of water and venting of air, so in concrete making procedure there is no need to vibration. In addition this kind of textile have high durability, with no defect on environment and also prevents erosion of the concrete by the environmental impacts.

Textile for molding of concrete can be applied for following products;

•    Piping Support for offshore pipelines

•    Molding of bridge foundation under water

•    Construction of complicated architecture designs

•    Molding under the rivers with no need to digress the river direction

Geotextile Solutions
Subsea Supporting system made of Geotextile

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