About us

Kara Consulting is a registered engineering and trading company in the Netherlands (KVK: 77818857, BTW: NL003244105B31 ). Our mission is to give consultation services in Procurement and Engineering sectors to our clients in the Oil and Gas and petrochemical Industry.

Procurement is the most critical part of industrial projects that affects the reliability, time schedule, safety and more importantly the budget of projects. Having more than twelve years of experience in procurement, Engineering and Quality control of complicated components in international Oil and Gas projects in the Middle East and the Netherlands enhanced us to give our services more efficiently and accurately to our clients.

We rely on our competent engineers, prior successful experiences and our proficient International and Local partners for giving our best services in Engineering, Procurement Quality Control of the materials.

The fundamental mission of Kara Consulting is to help Dutch and European Manufacturers to increase their market values in the Middle East countries which seems an unclear market for European companies.

General Terms and Condition:

Sanctions Policy

As a seller or buyer, you may face sanctions if you transfer money, or receive money from, a person or company that is subject to sanctions. Since the sanctions are biggest challenge when doing business with middle east countries, at Kara consulting this issue is strictly checked by qualified lawyers prior to start of any transactions and trading with any parties.

Sanctions are measures taken by the international community against a violation or threat to international peace and security. They are a way of changing the behavior of a country or government. They can apply to a country, an organization or a person.

Kara Consulting adheres to international and European sanctions, including the sanctions measured by the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the United States (US).

Kara Consulting as a Dutch Registered Company follows the latest list of sanctions as mentioned in following links;




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