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We supply high quality materials from approved vendor lists and our eminent international partners. We understand the risks involved in Procurement.  for this reason, we are fully aware with client requirements and time schedules when purchasing a product. We are responsible for the products we supply. Our sales services start from document checking, proven manufacturing procedures, reliable inspection procedures and continues to delivery and application of products.  We help our clients to apply the products and services in accordance with proven procedures. And we invariably supply high quality and optimized services and products to our clients.

Our expert team of employees are chosen from experienced engineers and have years of experience in design and operation of Industrial projects. We help our clients to find the best solution for their applications. Technical and Commercial Optimization are two major concerns of Kara Consulting. and we offer highly modern technology solutions and products to fulfill the needs of our clients in an economic manner. We feel responsible to solve our client’s technical problems in the most efficient way.

Our engineers and procurement specialists work closely and proactively together. This ensures instant resolution of any technical queries. Our flexible procurement strategies enable us to get ready for various client requirements. Close interaction between engineering team and procurement specialists keeps projects within budget and on schedule by securing the right equipment at the most favorable price and in due time.

 The fundamental mission of Kara Consulting is to facilitate the trading between the Netherlands and the Middle east countries.

The Netherlands is Ranked No. four in the world by Forbes’ “Best Countries for Business” and is a world-class business destination. Holland’s strategic location at Europe’s front door provides the perfect springboard into the European market—with access to 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam. This occasion brings about the best opportunity to export to other side of the world especially to the middle east Countries. Having more than 12 years’ experience in various Industries in middle east and the Netherlands, gave us enough confidence to establish Kara Consulting to help companies to increase their market values through Intermediation and Brokerage Services.