Isolation Coupling

Isolation Coupling

Isolation Joint

The Purpose of the isolation joint, “Isolation couplings” and “Insulation joints”, is to prevent detrimental electro-chemical interaction and improve the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system. Isolating joints are also used to ensure effective current distribution for cathodic protection system.

Isolating joints is applicable for gas, oil, flammable liquids, water, technical gases (eg oxygen, hydrogen) and district heating for underground and aboveground installation.


Isolation joint with Spark Gap,

Lightning protection equipotential bonding for pipelines

In order to protect the insulating couplings against damage caused by surge voltages, isolating spark gaps are used. In the event of a surge voltage, the isolating spark gap becomes low resistant and discharges the voltage. Lightning protection equipotential bonding is thus ensured. Thanks to the highest possible lightning current carrying capacity class H (in accordance with IEC 52561-3), even large lightning currents are safely discharged to ground via a defined path.

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