PFA lined ball Valves

Where the metal valves are susceptible to severe corrosion, PFA lined ball valves are applied to resist the harsh corrosive environments. PFA lined ball valves are cheaper than most of high alloy valves.

 Size range

NPS 1/2“ / DN15 through NPS 6“ / DN150

Other sizes available up to NPS 12“ / DN300

Valve pressure classes

EN PN16 and

ASME Class 150

Temperature range

ASME: -20°F (-29°C) to

400°F (204°C)

All wetted components

are fully lined with permeation resistant PFA Teflon® material as a barrier to corrosion.

Compact design

allows installation in space restricted areas in parallel piping systems.

Anti blow-out integral ball and stem

retains positive control and eliminates the danger of stem/ball failures due to liner damage at wear points.

Metal to metal contact

at the body joint ensures that no parts of the lining can be crushed or deformed because of forces within the piping system.

Locked in fluoroplastic liner

resists shrinkage, collapse and permits vacuum applications.

Chemically modified PTFE (CMP) seats

Provide greater pressure stability at higher temperatures than conventional PTFE.

Stainless steel lever

latching device minimizes possibility of accidental operation. Locking capability as standard. Made of stainless steel material ideal for corrosive environments.

When valves are closed under pressure, the ball is able to float with line pressure and pressurize the downstream seat to further enhance the in-line seal. However, the stem will tend to tilt and can side load conventional packing, leading to potential wear and eventual leakage to atmosphere. The SX seal in the XLB valve moves in conjunction with the spherical portion of the stem, maintaining a

constant seal to atmosphere.

Actuator mounting

fully compliant with ISO 5211 allowing use of standardized mounting kits

Lower torque smaller actuators, reduced costs, space and weight saving

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