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Kara consulting is the exclusive representative of Isotherm Inc. in the Netherlands and selected countries in Europe and Iraq.

Isotherm Inc. is adept in the design and fabrication of the refrigeration packages and heat transfer equipment. The refrigeration packages are widely applied in the Marine, Chemical Process, Oil& Gas, Beverage and Food Industry.  

Isotherm Inc. supply packages according to ASME stamps (U, UM, R) PED, DNV, API and CRN standards.

Shell & Tube, Plate & Frame and Shell & Plate heat exchangers have been thoroughly designed and manufactured at Isotherm Inc. for refrigeration applications such as Evaporators, Condensers, Heat Recovery Desuperheaters, Oil Coolers and Under Floor Heaters.

Dr. Zahid Ayub the founder of Isotherm Inc. has been contributing enormously to enhance the science of plate exchangers by performing several experimental and theoretical researches which are published in international journals. (*)

This great background helped it to be among the pioneers in heat transfer and refrigeration industry.

 Low Charge Shell and Tube (SX Series) Evaporators

 The design of SX serries Shell & Tube evaporators is the outcome of years of research and the design is protected by United States and foreign patent laws for Isotherm Inc. This special design delivers:

  • 20 to 50 times less refrigerant charge/ TR compared to flooded Shell and Tube
  • 5 to 10 times less refrigerant charge/ TR compared to flooded Plate and Frame
  • Superior heat transfer compared to flooded Shell & Tube
  • Easy access to the tubes for cleaning
  • User friendly control system; touch screen control panels, remote communications control systems (RCC).
  • Simple oil management

Semi Welded Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchangers


Isotherm Inc. laser welded cassettes are specifically designed for refrigeration applications

with consideration for optimum performance. Various aspects of plates such as Chevron

angle, pitch and depth are carefully designed for high thermal performance with low

pumping requirements. This is achieved with two types of plates, viz., standard line and

power line.

Isotherm Inc. offer a wide range in material selection, such as SS304, SS316/L, Titanium, SMO and

Hastelloy with thicknesses between 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm.

Isotherm high pressure leak tight exchangers can be used as Ammonia-Carbon Dioxide

cascade condensers:

  • Max. Design Working Pressure 900 psig
  • Min. / Max. Design Working Temperature -50°F / 320°F
  • Designed per ASME with “U” stamp; Canadian Registration (CRN) can be provided


Laser Welded Shell and Plate Heat Exchangers

Isotherm’s shell and Plate heat exchanger combines the best features of the plate and frame and shell and tube heat exchangers.

Round corrugated plates are laser welded to create a compact plate bundle that is inserted in the shell. We offer both removable and non-removable bundle designs. Moreover, laser welded plate pack eliminates the necessity of multiple gaskets, unlike that of a plate-and-frame exchanger.

The diverging and converging flow results is relatively higher coefficients compared to conventional plate and frame or brazed exchangers.

Isotherm Inc. is one of the leaders in Enhanced Heat Transfer technology especially systems working with natural refrigerants; such as Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons.


Marine Industry

Isotherm Inc. supply special designs for Marine Industry; SX serries thin film and ZFC series flooded chillers have performed successfully for years in the Marine Industry. These special designs benefit from:

  • High efficiency
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • Titanium clad tube sheet
  • Titanium tube & head


Customer Testimonials:

‘’Thanks to you and your crew, we have had a very successful herring season. I am processing about 750-800 tons a day (we averaged 450 tons last year), which I believe makes us the largest herring operation of our type in the world. I am pleased beyond measures at the performance of our new chiller. Please extend my thanks to your entire crew. ‘’

Dan- Silver Bay Seafood, Alaska


‘’We have enjoyed a professional relationship with Isotherm for nearly two decades. I recommend Isotherm for all refrigeration and heat exchanger needs.’’

Sam Roberts- Halocarbon Products Corp







#Oil & Gas





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