PVRV (Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valve) is typically installed in the in-breathing and out-breathing lines of tanks, vessels, and process equipment to protect against unallowable overpressure and under-pressure. The valve prevents emission losses almost up to the set pressure and prevents air intake almost up to the set vacuum. The PVRV plays the most important role to prevent the buckling of the tanks by keeping the pressure in design range.

  • 10% technology for minimum pressure increase up to full lift
  • extreme tightness, resulting in lowest possible product losses and reduced environmental pollution
  • set pressure close to opening pressure for optimum pressure maintenance in the system
  • very high flow capacity
  • valve pallet is guided inside the housing to protect against harsh weather conditions
  • can be used in explosion hazardous areas
  • automatic condensate drain
  • maintenance-friendly design
  • best technology for API tanks

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